What do you get when you cross a trained psychotherapist, a high-heeled wearing spiritual seeker, and motivational powerhouse? 

You guessed it...me!

Hi, I'm Marcie and here's what I know...

i know You...

Are a whipsmart high-achiever who has her heart (and her vision board) set on pure awesomeness.

But, somewhere along the line you bought into the believe that your dreams aren't valid, that it can't possibly come without years of struggle, and that it's possible for everyone else but you. Yo've also been so focused on what's coming (because you *can* feel it) that you 'forgot' to find fun and meaning NOW.

Are a self-proclaimed life-long learner, constantly looking for ways to grow and expand. 

But, in your efforts to better yourself (and your best) you stopped trusting that you have the answers when it comes to the 'big' stuff. 

People (may or may not) know that you're all out 'woo-woo' and words like Universe, Higher Self, resistance, and vibe are part of your everyday vocab.

But, sometimes you get so caught up in the ritual of all this stuff that you forget to use the basic high-impact tools that made you fall in love with woo in the first place.

On the outside, you look super-confident and 'together'. 

...but inside you feel like you're kidding yourself.


(In fact, you're quite sure you'd die if anyone saw what you were really feeling.)

Breathe, welcome home.

i know you so well because I am you.

I used to be just like you (and still slip into moments of fear and doubt when I'm not practicing what I preach - hey, I'm only human. Or, did you think I might be a fairy godmother?)

I know what it's like to feel like there's an on/off switch to confidence (and passion) and restless inside, even when I was 'manifesting' everything I thought I wanted.

I know what it's like to take huuuuge leaps of faith and courage, only to be confronted by old patterns that are dying hard...and feel like they won't just die! Or, to trust an intuitive hit then feel like the big U is playing a big joke on you.

'Pit in the stomach' and 'Waiting for the other shoe to drop'

and I go waaay back; we're like ::this::

So, yeah, you could say I have some experience.

I don't have all your answers, but I have all mine - and, I believe you have all of yours, too. 

I can say I have all my answers because at any given moment of confusion or doubt, I know that if I apply and practice all that I teach and have learned over the last 10+ years major transformation unfolds. I *will*, most definitely, feel calmer, clearer, and more confident in my own skin and in where I'm heading.

As a (former) Masters-level psychotherapist, I've learned how to navigate my own (and 100s of clients') inner world and how to take the charge out of deeply-ingrained limiting beliefs. In a way that makes people say nice things about me like, "Omigosh, you're magic!" 

Read: I get the 'head' stuff.


They also tell me I'm "the most energetic person" and "the biggest cheerleader" they know. 

so they're not surprised when...

I tell them I used to be a personal trainer and group fitness instructor (however, they are surprised when I tell them I never played a sport in my life).

READ: I GET THE super-excited, fiery motivation STUFF.

For the better part of a decade, I've been in perpetual personal and spiritual growth. From taking a year-long yoga teacher training to improve my coaching skills, to healing immersion retreats, to professional trainings for developing my intuitive abilities (which, by the by, we all have).


I've also invested the financial equivalent of an MBA learning about business from creating service offerings and branding to marketing and copywriting. Oh, and I co-own and run a 7-figure company with my brother.

READ: I've got some biz-savvy.

I'm uniquely gifted at diving below the surface, shining a big ol' spotlight on possibilities, and helping others stay fired up enough to dare to take risks where they actually  matter.


After working with 100s of people, I've uncovered and masterfully navigated 3 key areas I see people get 'jammed up' in:

  • Clarity of what they really want and what the next steps are (and how to diffuse the inevitable resistance that can stop them in their tracks).

  • Trusting that their intuition and the Universe has their back.

  • Stretching outside their comfort zones long enough to step more fully into their potential and their purpose.


I believe that you can cultivate something truly amazing when you've got those three pieces working together.

Don't worry, you don't have to figure it all out on your own because I'm winking at your possibilities and am here to help whenever you're ready.

Here's the 'profesh' bio

Marcie Mauro is a Mindset & Personal Growth Expert, Speaker, and Intuitive Fireball. She specializes in helping high-achieving women who are fed up with letting their inner blocks holding them hostage *right* at the edge of their next big vision. She says, rather than chasing more information to grow your business, you need to focus on your 'inner game' because she believes you are what's standing in the way of what you want. Marcie is a co-author of the book EMPOWER! Women's Stories of Breakthrough, Discovery, and Triumph; and was named "Next Rising Business Heroine" by Business Heroine Magazine as their September 2014 covergirl.  She has degrees in Psychology and Marriage & Family Therpay, and a decade of experience helping others master their mindset to see bigger possibilities for themselves. Marcie gets fired up helping others be more daring and take the risks that *actually* matter. If you're ready to be inspired out of your comfort zone, her over at MarcieMauro.com. 

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