About that pit in your stomach

Last weekend was one of the most powerful in recent memory. I spent it in a Las Vegas mansion with 15
other aspiring TED/TEDx speakers getting raw and real with ourselves, what we're really here to do, and the massive resistance that stands in between.

I have so much to say about it, yet I'm left speechless.

I came home *way* overtired; my body never adjusted to west coast time. Tuesday morning I woke up with a pit in my stomach that felt like a self-doubt tapeworm.

It was eating me alive.

Am I going to settle back into 'small town thinking'? Will I be able to ride the momentum from the loving, stretching support we incredible women breathed into each other? Can I really do this? WILL I really do this? Am I ready? What if I'm not ready? Is there such a thing as ready???

How did I snap out of it, you ask? I went into it. "Self, what's up with this pit in my stomach??"

"It's freaking me the H out."

Self: "You traveled across 2 time zones. You fell to your knees in this experience. You grew. You have to expect that when you got back the 'old' and the 'new' were going to collide. The pit in your stomach is letting you know that you're integrating."

And, then, I was able to breathe. If you're anything like me, when you feel a pit in your stomach you immediately think something is wrong.

What if the pit in your stomach is actually letting you know something is *right*?

What if it's an indicator that you have some important decisions to make?

What if it's telling you that you're evolving beyond what you've known to this point?

That lil' ol' pit in your belly - that's You trying to communicate with you.

Your Dare for this Week:

Dive into the pit in your stomach.

Ask what it's trying to tell you. Ask how you can help it. Ask what decision you need to make.

Be willing to listen.

Feel like you're not sure how to get a clear answer from yourself with this? Leave a COMMENT BELOW, tell me what's on your mind...or belly.