Following intuition = no fear? False.

I've been enjoying a lot of family time this week, which was so needed after traveling. Tuesday was my birthday and Matt asked, "What would make this a great day for you?"

I actually had to think about it, but I ultimately decided that spending quiet time at home and a low-key dinner (because who wants to cook on their birthday..?) at my fave pizza place. That would be just about perfect.


Last week I shared with you what that pit in your stomach might be about.

I received several replies from people saying they almost always follow their intuition (which is great!), and it raised the question that I see come up time and again.

"If I'm following my intuition, shouldn't it just feel right?"

Umm, in a line: no.

Here's why...

When you get a burst of inspiration or confidence you can bet your bottom dollar that that's coming from your intuition. You feel connected. You feel clear. Grounded. It's feels right.


Your well-meaning, over-thinking logical mind steps in and talks you 12 ways out of what your gut is telling you. Does it mean that your intuition was wrong? Never.

Your intuition is ALWAYS right, even when it's nudging you towards something that doesn't make sense yet.

If you can get behind that statement, you will be in good hands: yours. That's complete trust in yourself. That's faith. It also means freaking out less about having to have it all planned out (how's that workin' for you, anyway?). We are all guilty of this.

Just because you're trusting your 'hits' doesn't make you immune to the perils of your logical mind.

You'll still have real doubts and fears. Sometimes they're paralyzing and need your attention (remember that's my gift, so if you don't want to go it alone email and let's make this happen for you).

Other times, while you know you really need the in-depth stuff, you just don't have the freakin' energy or time to make sh!t happen. What do you do then? As my childhood BFF used to say in her best 'ghetto' voice...

"You betta recognize!"

What do I mean? I mean it's critical to listen to what you're trying to tell yourself at the soul/gut/intuition level AND to recognize that some parts of you (aka over-thinking brain) are going to try and discourage you. This can show up as a foul mood, sour stomach, procrastination on what's important, or writing 500 too many pros and cons lists.

It's all just b.s. tricks your inner fears play to keep you right where you are. <--- That's what I want you to remember. If you can recognize "Oh, there it is. That's a fearful part jumping in, trying to talk me out of this. This is normal and I don't have to wait til it goes away before I make progress." Just recognizing this happening takes the charge out of it.

If you wait til everything feels 'perfect and in flow', you'll die inside of complacency.

You, m'dear, you're not willing to do that - are you?

Your Dare for this Week:

Ask your intuition: "What have you been trying to tell me that you think I'm ignoring?"

Ask Her (your intuition) how she's been trying to get your attention, what are the signs she's been giving you?

It's one thing to listen, it's another to take action on it...


Ask what the *next* step for you - which you've been ignoring/avoiding - is.


I'd imagine you'll get a super-clear answer here (then go do it, baby!), but some of you may feel "blocked" from getting a recognizable answer. COMMENT BELOW, tell me what's happening and I'll give you some pointers.